UK TV Quiz 2021

UK TV Quiz 2021

UK TV Quiz 2021

How is your UK TV knowledge? Test your knowledge on these 20 questions. How will you score?

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UK TV Quiz 2021

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In the first episode of Mr Bean, what was the colour of his mini?

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Which fictional character lived at a residence in Oil Drum Lane?

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Who did the voiceover of Bob in the original series of Bob the Builder?

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Lesley Nichol is famous for playing which character in Downton Abbey?

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What year did Darcy Bussell replace Alesha Dixon on Strictly Come Dancing?

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In the BBC Comedy 2.4 Children, what was Ben Porters job?

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In the Darling Buds of May, what was the first name of the character played by Catherine Zeta-Jones?

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In Coronation Street, how many times has Gail Rodwell been married?

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How many Series are there of ITV's Benidorm are there?

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In Emmerdale, how was the character Elizabeth Pollard killed?

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In the opening credits of On The Buses, what is the route number on Stans bus?

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What year did Channel 5 first air?

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The BBC TV Drama Casualty is based in the fictional city of Holby. But what UK city is home to the BBC Casualty set?

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The classic TV Comedy Fawlty Towers only aired for two seasons. But what was the total number of aired episodes?

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Who won the UK X Factor in 2011?

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Which of the following did not win Big Brother?

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London's Burning was an ITV drama based around which fictional fire station?

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In Eastenders, which of the following moved into Number 1 Albert Square in 2019?

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What year was Only Fools and Horses first broadcast on UK TV?

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What was the estimated world wide TV audience for the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony?

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