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Microsoft Expression Web 4 Free Download

Are you looking for a Free WYSIWYG website editor similar to Frontpage? Then I would certainly recommend Microsoft Expression Web 4. If you are looking for a Microsoft Expression Web 4 Free Download link, please see below. (Please note however this product is no longer support by Microsoft.)

Microsoft Expression Web 4 Free Download

Expression Web was a free tool previously created, maintained and distributed by Microsoft. Microsoft no longer supports or maintains Microsoft Expression Web 4 however it is still available and works perfectly well on Windows 10. Although personally I am an Adobe Dreamweaver user, if you are looking for a free alternative, you will struggles to find one better than this.


Micrsoft Web Expression 4 (216 downloads)

WYSIWYG Editor, Code Editor or Split View

Microsoft Expression Web 4 Free Download
Screenshot Microsoft Expression Web 4 – Split View

Depending on your skill set of preference, you can work in WYSIWYG view (no code knowledge needed), code view or in split mode. The screenshot above represents split view.

History of Expression Web

Originally this HTML Editor and web design tool was available to purchase. However in 2012 Microsoft took the decision to discontinue the product and additionally decided to make it a free of charge product. Despite the latest version (Microsoft Expression 4) being 8 years old, it still works perfectly well in the latest version of Windows 10.

How long Expression Web 4 will continue to work in Windows is unknown. However, I would expect it to continue working at least for the next few years unless there are any fundamental changes to the Windows OS.

Read more on the history of Expression Web.

If you know of any other great and free HTML editors, please comment below or get in touch.

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