Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations

Keeping up Appearances is a British Sitcom that originally aired on BBC 1 between 1990 and 1995. The show focused around Hyacinth Bucket and her Husband Richard, Hyacinth’s friends and family and neighbours Elizabeth and Emmet. The majority of the sitcom was filmed in BBC studio’s except for a few external locations and inside the church and church hall which were all filmed on location. Below we take a look at some of these Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations.

Hyacinth Bucket’s House Location

Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations
Hyacinth and Richard Bucket’s House

117 Heather Road was used for the externals of the Bucket house. Now with added extension. The neighbouring house to the right was also used for the exteriors of Elizabeth’s and Emmet’s house.

Onslow and Daisy’s House FIlming Location

Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations
Series 1 Episode 1 – Onslow and Daisy’s House

The Second house from the left was used for the exteriors of Onslow and Daisy’s House. Now cleaned up a little.
4 Mitchell Close, Coventry.

Church and Church Hall Filming Locations

Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations
Christchurch Road, Northampton

Christ Church on Christchurch Road, Northampton was used for the exterior shots of the Church and Church Hall. The inside of both the Church and Church Hall were also used for filming in some.

Vicarage Location

The exteriors to the Vicarage were filmed at 3 Christchurch Road, next door to the Church and the Church Hall.

Aerial View of the Church, Church Hall and Vicarage

Keeping Up Appearances Church Location

Driving Mrs Fortescue

During this series 2 Episode, Hyacinth and Richard offer to give Mrs Fortescue a lift. However rather then their intended location, they end up in the pub with Rose, Onslow and Daisy.

The external location used for the pub is now called The Rugby Tavern and it is located in Leamington Spa. This location was identified by James Lockett.

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  1. The episode where Hyacinth’s dad is put on top of a wall and then ends up with his feet in the air was Brookland Road, Northampton


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