Consumption-based Pricing

The Consumption-based pricing model is a pricing model in which the customer pays depending on the number of resources they use. The customer may be charged a flat rate for resources used, a different rate for different resources, or different rates depending on the time at which resources were consumed. Auto-scaling on AWS is a … Read more


CSOps or Customer Success Operations is the role of managing and executing Customer Success Processes and Strategies on an Operation level. The Customer Success Operations manager/team typically manages the process and strategy to ensure all CSM’s remain aligned and to enable CSM’s to focus on their customers, instead of building processes or setting up CS … Read more

Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager or CSM focuses on building long-term relationships with your customers post-sale. A Customer Success Managers role is to ensure the customer is achieving the defined ‘Success’ from your product/service. The result of which is a long-term customer, increased Customer Lifetime Value, and an advocate of your business. It is largely a … Read more