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CV Writing Service

Do you need some help getting back into work? Have you been made redundant and looking for someone to help you with creating a CV? I can potentially help as I am currently offering a free CV Writing Service.

CV Writing Service
CV writing service

Free CV Writing Service

For a limited time, and for a limited number of people I am offering to help create a CV for you to help you get back into work, free of charge.

There is no catch. I am simply looking to use my skillset in anyway that I can to help people get back into work. My expertise is in the IT and Software sector. However, prior to moving into the technical sector I was previously a retail manager who was made redundant twice due to retailers going into administration.

I understand how horrible it feels to lose your job, be out of work and lose a steady income. It is a difficult time but it can also be an opportunity to change your life.

When I was made redundant for the second time, I decided there and then I was going to change my path and move into IT. First I focused on getting another job in retail to pay my bills. I then set to work creating a path into IT. For me that involved first doing a few small courses and then doing a full computing degree part time whilst also working.

That was all a few years ago and now I have a first class computing degree, I am a member of the British Chartered Institute for IT and I have a good job in the sector.

Get some help with your CV

If you are out of work and need some help with your CV, please feel free to get in touch. I only have limited time available to help but I will do my best.

Get in touch.

Best wishes to you all. James

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