Company’s may pay, but people buy

Company's may pay, but people buy

A few week’s back I attended a really good webinar being hosted by Client Success with guest speaker Dave Jackson, CEO of TheCustomer.Co. Dave’s presentation was titled, ‘How human psychology impacts Customer Success‘. During the presentation, Dave gave out many great nuggets on this topic, but the one that resonated most with me was the … Read more

Don’t share the data, share the story

Don't share the data, share the story

My takeaway from day two of #PulseEverywhere. “Don’t share the data, share the story” from Sarah Anderson’s session, “How I drive Adoption with Gainsight PX.” In today’s businesses we have largely moved towards becoming ‘Data Driven Businesses’. Although this is certainly important, it is important to remember, data triggers emotion, and data needs to be … Read more

Progressive ‘Right Time, Right Touch’

Progressive 'Right Time, Right Touch

My key takeaway from Day 1 of Pulse Everywhere 2020 was Fred Muller’s (@Citrix) revised segmentation approach. An approach away from the traditional three tiered High Touch, Medium/Low Touch, Tech Touch pyramid that we have all become familiar with over the last several years. Migrating to their Progressive ‘Right Time, Right Touch’ segmentation model. This … Read more