Benidorm Filming Locations

The comedy Benidorm which ran for a total of 10 series followed the staff and visitors of the Solana Hotel, Benidorm. In this post we take a look at some of the Benidorm Filming Locations.

The Solana Hotel, Benidorm

The Solana Hotel I am afraid does not exist. But don’t panic, many of the locations you are used to seeing do exist and you can go and visit them. The tall building many of us have come to know as the Solana is in fact Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel. This was used as the external location of the main hotel building, and also where the pool, and pool bar shots were filmed.

The actual apartment shots were largely filmed in the Acuariam II Apartments as these directly overlooked the area of the pool most used for filming.

Neptunes isn’t located on the same complex, however Morgan Tavern which was used as the interior and exterior location of Neptunes for all 10 series is a short walk away.

Key Benidorm Filming Locations Map

Benidorm Filming Locations

Neptunes Bar Filming Location

The filming location used for both the external shots and internal filming shots was Morgan Tavern Benidorm.

Benidorm Palace

The filming location for Benidorm Palanc, was in fact…. Benidorm Palace. Check it out below.

The Pink House

From Series 3 onwards the set of the reception area was created within a building known locally as ‘The Pink House’ shown below, located opposite The Benidorm Palace.

The Pink House Benidorm Location
Benidorm Filming Locations 2

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