AWS Abbreviations Quiz

AWS Abbreviations Quiz

AWS Abbreviations Quiz

How well do you know your AWS Abbreviations? Test your knowledge with this free AWS Abbreviations Quiz. Can you get all 20 right?

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AWS Abbreviations Test

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What does AWS IaaS refer too?

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What does 'HSM' stand for in AWS Cloud HSM?

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What does AWS CLI refer to?

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What does IoT stand for in AWS products?

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What does 'ELB' stand for in AWS ELB?

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What does Amazon IAM stand for?

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What does Amazon EFS stand for?

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What does Amazon EBS stand for?

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What does AWS CDK refer to?

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What does Amazon SES stand for?

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What does Amazon EKS stand for?

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What does Amazon ECS stand for?

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What does Amazon QLDB stand for?

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What does Amazon SQS stand for?

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What does Amazon SNS stand for?

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What does Amazon EMR stand for?

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What does Amazon VPC stand for?

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What does Amazon RDS stand for?

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What does Amazon S3 stand for?

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What does Amazon EC2 stand for?

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AWS Abbreviations Quiz

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