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Test your knowledge with this short and free AWS Abbreviations Quiz.

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How well do you know your AWS Abbreviations?

A set of ten multiple-choice questions all relating to AWS abbreviations. Can you get all 10 right?

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What is Amazon ECS also known as?

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What does Amazon QLDB stand for?

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)

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Amazon SNS is also known as?

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What does Amazon RDS stand for ?

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What is AWS IAM also known as?

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What is Amazon SES also known as?

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Amazon EFS is also known as?

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What does Amazon EC2 stand for?

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What does Amazon S3 stand for?

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Amazon Web Services

AWS currently offers over 180 different service types. With many of the services listed as Abbreviations of their full-service name, it is hard to keep track of every service.

Personally I often find short quizzes a great way to learn. They are something you can do relatively quickly at the time of day where your brain is most active. For me, this is typically first thing in the morning over a coffee. However, last thing at night can also be a good time.

AWS Abbreviations Quiz

I hope you enjoyed this AWS Abbreviations Quiz and found it useful. If you would like to see more quizzes of this nature, please comment below.

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