My name is James Harding, a UK Based Technical Customer Success Professional and a Member of the Chartered Institute for I.T. Having gained a 1st class Computing degree from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge I have been working mainly in Start-Ups. Both for UK-based and US-based businesses within Customer Success and Customer Relationship roles.

I am passionate about technology, innovation, start-ups, customer success, IoT, people, team development, charity, fundraising, and how healthy customer relationships can grow, drive, and steer your business.

Everyday is a learning day, undertaking new experiences, new successes, new leanings and new opportunities. I am a strong believer in that everyone can learn something from everyone.

James Harding

My website serves two main purposes:

  • A place for me to get my thoughts down on paper, and digest new learning’s and experiences.
  • A place where I can share my knowledge, and help contribute to the community.

When people come together, share leanings and work as a team, huge advancements in the world can be made. Although there are many different sectors of business, one commonality between them all is how good team work, initiative and creativity can put any business ahead of the competition.

Finally, if you would like to get in touch, please do so via the contact page.

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James Harding

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